1934April Old Temple result    In 1942, the Kaneohe Higashi Hongwanji was converted by the military into an infirmary and administrative offices for the duration of World War II.  During this period, it was believed that the US government wanted to assume the title to the property and assets.  Concerned directors met with John A. Burns, then-police officer and FBI detail,  who advised the directors of their rights and suggested that they not sell the property to the government.  Based on this advice the church was able to successfully halt the government confiscation.

1930s Asylum
     Throughout the nineteenth century the native Hawaiian population declined, by some estimates by about one-half. At the same time, large-scale agriculture cultivation began resulting in a severe labor shortage which caused alarm within the nation of Hawaii. Bringing willing foreign contract labor into Hawaii was the only answer to the labor shortage. Thus, in 1868 the Hawaiian Counsel in Japan recruited 148 Japanese immigrants.