Hoonko is the memorial service for our founder, Shinran Shonin who passed away on November 28, 1226 in Kyoto, Japan. Literally, Hoon (報恩) means "to repay gratitude," and Ko (講) means "gathering and learning."  Therefore, the Hoonko service is the most important observance in the year for Jodo Shinshu followers to listen to the teaching of Nembutsu thoroughly.  Sincerely, we express our deep gratitude to all our spiritual predecessors including Shakyamuni Buddha.

     At this occasion, the Jodo Shinshu followers review their Shinjin awareness in their everyday lives through listening to the teaching of Namu Amida Butsu.  Please come and join the service.  Refreshments will be service after the service.    

Shinran Shonin Memorial Service at Kaneohe Higashi Hongwanji
Date:  Sunday, October 30, 2016
Time:  10 o' clock
Guest Speaker: Rev. Koen Kikuchi


Rev. Kikuchi

Rev. Kikuchi was born in 1984 in Akita, Japan.  He received his first ordination (Tokudo) when at age nine.
After graduating from high school, he entered Kanda University of International Studies and majored in English language. In 2007, he went to the Malta Republic to study English for one year.  The following year, he entered a graduate program at the Otani University and majored Shin Buddhism.  In 2009, he began working at a temple in Chiba prefecture for five years.  He was assigned to Higashi Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii (the Hawaii Betsuin) in 2015.  




Appreciation and gratitude go to the Iwakuni Odori Aiko Kai,
Hawaii Eisa Shinyuu Kai, and Koolau Sukiyaki Odori Kai performing
troupes. All times are approximate and music program may change.
5:30 pm Food Concession Opens
6:00 Reverend Maeda will officiate the combined bon and Hatsubon Services in the Temple.
Everyone is welcome.
6:30 Welcoming Remarks
6:38 Taiko Opening by Iwakuni Odori Aiko Kai
6:40 Tanko Bushi lesson & 1 repeat - 10 min.
6:50 Koolau Sukiyaki Odori Kai
Shinran Odori 4:13
Nippon Yoitoko 3:20
Osaka Susume 3:42
Shirahama Ondo 3:25
Gowasande Negaimashite Wa 3:19
Ichiendama No Tabigarasu3:27
Zumpa Ondo 3:50
7:15 Iwakuni Odori Aiko Kai - 20 min.
Iwakuni Yoi Toko 3:30
Mina No Shu 3:02
Matsu No Ki Ko-uta 3:01
Iwakuni Live Performance
7:35 Koolau Sukiyaki Odori Kai
Fuyumi no Soran Bushi * 4:31
Gokigen Song 3:17
Soma Nihen Gaeshi 3:11
Bamba Odori 4:01
Korekara Ondo 4:14
Kawachi Otoko Bushi 4:16
Nippon So Odori * 3:31
8:10 Hawaii Eisa Shinyuu Kai - 20 min.
Live Drumming and Dancing
8:30 Koolau Sukiyaki Odori Kai
Dancers please bring fan and towel into dance ring for set.
You may acquire a limited edition Kaneohe Higashi fan or towel by a donation at our Choba.
Don Don Bushi (fan) * 3:29
Manmaru Ondo (fan) * 3:37
Naruto Bayashi (fan) 4:04
Hawaii Ondo 3:28
Yuko no Heisei Ondo * 3:44
Hana no Tebyooshi (towel) 3:45
Otoko Bushi (towel) * 4:12
9:00 Iwakuni Odori Aiko Kai - 20 min.
Iwakuni Yoi Toko 3:30
Tokyo Gorin Ondo (fan) 3:21
Kaze Makase Yume Makase (fan) 3:09
Iwakuni Live Singing and Dancing
9:20 Koolau Sukiyaki Odori Kai
Tanko Bushi 3:21
Omikoshi Ondo 3:19
Tokyo Ondo 3:15
Shiawase Samba * 3:27
9:40 Hawaii Eisa Shinyuu Kai - 20 min.
Live Drumming and Dancing
10 pm Pau! – Arigatou and have a safe journey home.
Our 2017 Bon Dance will be Sat. July 1!
* Dances borrowed with deep appreciation from
Bando Joyce Araki are indicated by asterisks.


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