The Essentials of Jodo Shinshu

Name of Teaching
Shin Buddhism (Jodo Shinshu)

Object of Reverence
Amida Tathagata (Amida Nyorai)

The Three Pure Land Sutras;
The Sutra of Inmmeasurable Life (The Larger Sutra)
The Sutra of Contemplation on Immeasurable Life (The Contemplation Sutra)
The Amida Sutra (The Smaller Sutra)

shinran R

Shinran Shonin (1173-1262)

Shinran Shonin's Writings 
The Collection of Passages Expounding the True Teaching, Living, Faith, and Realizing of the Pure Land (the Kyogyoshinsho)
Hymns of the Pure Land
Hymns of the Pure Land Masters
Hymns of the Dharma-Ages

Name of school
Shinshu Otani-ha (Higashi Honganji)

Head Temple
Shinshu Honbyo (Higashi Honganji in Kyoto, Japan) 

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